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Sunday, December 15, 2013


Another quick post today...still baking and a decorating to be done...I AM SO BEHIND!!!  We made these at my workshop last week and I am making them for my daughters class....SUPER FUN to make!  I wish I could say that I am CLEVER enough to come up with this on my own....but I didn't!  I found the instructions at QbeesQuest.com...here is a link to those instructions: 


I hope you give it a try...they are fun to make and so cute!  My ladies loved them and everyone who sees them wants one... 

I wanted to make these trees with my younger kids to give to their class mates, but I wanted something a little smaller...with less candy...for the expense out!  With two classes with about a total of 60 students, it was going take 550 kisses and 120 nuggets...so by making it smaller I cut the candy cost in half!  I will share my measurements as soon as I get them typed up...but if you need them ahead of time...just shoot me an email!!  

Thanks for stopping in this busy time of year!  Have a terrific day!!!

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