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Monday, January 13, 2014


Today I want to share with you a NEW DISCOVERY!   I have been wanting to clean the sticky off of my scissors.  Some of them are difficult to open they are so sticky!   I have tried a few different things but have not found any success UNTIL NOW!  I googled it...(google is my friend)....and here is what I found!   
I absolutely LOVE it!!! I removed all of the sticky residue from my scissors.  Then I decided to try it on my mat...and it worked!   Then I tried t on my 6' tables....they have had sticky goop on them forever...I have scrubbed and scrubbed!  With this product I simply sprayed the spots on my table and let is sit for a few minutes, went back and the sticky stuff just wiped off....NO SCRUBBING!!! I was amazed.  I then just had to rinse everything off with warm water and my tables look almost new...and it smells good!      

Come back tomorrow...I will be starting my FOURTEEN days of LOVE...Valentine ideas.  My plan is to give my husband a token of my love EVERYDAY beginning February 1st and I will be sharing those ideas with you!  I am even thinking about doing it for my kiddos...but with seven of them...I BETTER GET STARTED!   


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